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Not so long ago, playing the lottery meant going over to your neighborhood grocery’s lotto ticket-dispensing machine to buy tickets. Forget all that. You can now buy lottery tickets online, all from the comfort of your own home or office, and even from your mobile smartphone. As long as you’re online and can surf the Web, buy a virtual ticket, choose your lotto numbers, and view lottery results, all from the comfort of your own desk or phone. But the best part about getting onto Monaco online lottery via is you’re no longer stuck to playing locally. You can now gain access to other major lotteries from other countries, which now permit online participation. Examples of major lotteries you can access through Monaco include Spain’s El Gordo de la Primitiva (sometimes called El Gordo for short), Canada’s Lotto 649, and the EU’s classic giant lottery, Euro Millions. Of course, access to the best and the biggest of American lotteries is also available. You can try your luck at Power Ball and Mega Millions. It’s not an online version of your grocery lotto dispenser machine. Monaco Pools gives you one distinct advantage, too: there are special group subscriptions and rewards (e.g., Tell A Friend) for you and your friends, which will let you participate in more lottery draws—thus, raising your chances of actually winning a prize in any of these online lotteries. The site also acts like your lottery monitoring dashboard and odds-detector in one. For any of the lotteries mentioned, you can view the odds of winning the jackpot, the history of lottery results, details on any secondary prizes (plus the odds of winning those), and even information on which numbers are the least or most often drawn. Online payment for your purchased lottery tickets can be done through various means, which include major credit cards, Neteller, GiroPay, and iDeal. Should you win, the process of cashing out your prize can also be done online.